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Periodic meter reading is paramount for the utility service sector to determine usage monitoring and billing, key to its revenue stream. A complete metering service could include installation of meters their service and maintenance and regular onsite reading gathering. Typical utilities are the main utility supplies to the household such as Gas, Electricity and Water.Prior to the advent of mobility solutions, meter readings were a paper based manual operation which made the whole process cumbersome and fraught with errors and complications.

Today mobility solutions can partially or completely automate the whole process. One scenario could be as simple as the meter reader walking through the area where the smart meters are installed capturing the readings automatically on the mobile device. The gathering of the readings is just one aspect to meter reading, eventually the captured readings have to find their way back to the billing office. The mobile device can automatically and seamlessly transmit the readings back to the billing office immediately upon capture combining the two tasks into one. I.e. capture readings and send back readings.Where required the meter reader could also generate on the spot bills via a mobile printer.

Partially automated meter readings can also be deployed for non-intelligent meters. Each meter could have a unique id barcode which the meter reader could scan to confirm that the address they are currently at is correct; also by scanning the meter other information could be downloaded from the central office such as previous reading or historical data such as when the meter was installed and so on. This would allow the meter reader to flag up any problems or issues they may see immediate such as meter tampering or damage etc. The readings could then be entered on the mobile device and again transmitted back to the billing office immediately.

Mobility solutions can be also deployed in service management such as assigning brand new meter installation or meter service requests to the field workers in real time hence cutting out delays and improving response times.