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m-Sales: Mobile Sales

m-Sales is a mobile sales force solution which will empower and simplify your sales executive day to day sales prospecting tasks.

The key to having an efficient and progressive sales force is to allow access them connectivity to up-date customer and product information. m-Sales allows this to happen.

The sales executive is equipped with all that is required to make the sale and hence is not bogged down in number crunching or administrative tasks which may lose his focus with the job in hand i.e. selling.

m-Sales not only brings advantages and benefits to the front line it also helps streamline your distribution operations.


  • Produce daily call plans.

  • Acquire live customer information, such as credit limits, current balances and customer discount codes.

  • Create Quotes, Orders or Credit Notes.

  • View directions and route maps to the customer address .

  • Browse an up-to-date product catalogue.

  • View current stock levels back at the warehouse.

  • Automate updates to Stock levels. 

  • Generate a new order based on order history.

  • Capture Customer signature as proof of delivery or call.

  • Identify whether the customer has an invoice account/cash account from the warnings given by the system.

  • Print or email invoices to the customer.

  • Print cash receipt, if paid by cash.

  • Generate accurate delivery times.

  • Seamlessly transmit orders immediately head office.

  • Send customer changes back to Head office.

  • Picking lists generated for the warehouse.
  • Send messages and emails.

  • Track the stock carried by the sales executives anytime -anywhere.

  • Snap shot of Sales Force locations. Via Maps.


  • Eliminate paper work.
  • Reduce material carried by the Sales Executive.
  • Reduce call time and increase number of visits.
  • Empower the Sales Executive with access to company data at the point of sale such as sales history, customer credit etc.
  • Improve delivery times.
  • Enhanced visibility on sales information and business intelligence data back at base.
  • Reduce end of day administration work load. 
  • Lower proof of delivery error rates.

'The software that they designed made a massive difference to the business. Jobs that were taking 2days now take 15minutes! Horray!'
Nicola Searle Assistant FD | Delta Music Ltd