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Today a large proportion of the workforce operates outside the typical office set-up. It is highly likely that they utilise inefficient and costly tools and time consuming processes to gather data to complete their tasks.

Advancements in Enterprise Mobility technologies have begun to improve the situation, and today this allows the mobile worker to become a more efficient asset to the company. There has been a significant shift in the attitude towards mobile devices and the explosion of the Smart-phone, tablets and rugged mobile devices running various platforms have been a deciding factor in this shift. The shift is about whether a mobile device is just a digital calendar or a vital element of an enterprise extension of process and system.

Go Mobile with Portech!

Portech Systems Ltd, Birmingham based mobile software solutions experts assure to help you increase productivity and work efficiency by going mobile with their solutions. Portech has been delivering solutions since 1992, and have made work processes simpler for several small-to-big brands such as The Works, STS Rail, Slush Puppie and Habitat to name a few. In simple words Portech offers tools which let your on-field staff work from anywhere and anytime.

What is Mobile working?

Mobile working brings freedom and simplicity in day to day processes. New technologies are making it easy to access information and work irrespective of time and location. Researches suggest that "Mobile working" is the way to go forward and probably the way we all will work in future. The current technological and cultural trends support the growing adoption of Mobile working.

 What are the benefits of Mobile working?

- A simple calculation of the benefit this offer can be quite surprising. If your employees spend a total of only ten hours a week travelling, thats over 500 hours a year  potentially tens of thousands of pounds of lost productivity a year.

- Mobile working allows the on-field staff to be in constant contact, with this, they can respond to queries instantly.

- On-field staff can access the most up-to-date information, and give clients the latest prices and stock figures; and even place an order on the spot. This can mean more sales and better customer service.

- Mobile working matches the technology with the employee needs; i.e. while sales staff can check their emails and appointments on the mobile device, warehouse workers might have portable bar code scanners to check stock, thus time spent traveling between locations can be used more productively.

- With the help of the technology, manual work involving calculations, data entry, data duplication, etc are eliminated, thus reducing paperwork and errors.

What can we do for you?

We at Portech, have a dedicated team which understands the challenges faced by the clients in their business. We design solutions which fulfill the clients needs. Our solutions are tailor-made based on different businesses and their requirements. We do not just offer solutions but we go an extra mile to provide after-sales support for maintenance and repair. We also help you buy a suitable hardware as per your requirements. We ensure, we design our solutions in such a way that they integrate easily with existing systems in your business and which can be operated easily by your staff.