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Portech Systems Ltd. (Portech) is a Wireless and Mobile Computer Solutions provider. Established in 1992, we have over two decades of experience in the mobile enterprise solutions market.

Our expertise lies in developing and supporting cutting-edge wireless software applications to improve business productivity.

Organisations who have automated their mobile worker and workforce with our solutions have enjoyed:

  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction in costs by eliminating costly field processes.
  • Fewer errors associated with manual data entry.
  • Latest Mobility technologies to keep that competitive edge.

They have also gained the ability to access vital decision-making information anytime, anywhere such as product data and inventory.

Our solutions progress beyond just data collection, allowing a real-time two-way exchange of information between the mobile worker and the enterprise. This results in enhanced decision support across the entire organization and where it matters most, on the front line.

Our  approach to developing mobile applications is available to all organisations, large and small, regardless wether it is a completely new mobility deployment or your enterprise already has an existing mobile solution which needs attention. We work closely with you at every step to ensure that the mobile apps we design and develop achieve your objectives and requirements.