contactless proof of delivery

Contactless Proof of Delivery (POD)

The coronavirus pandemic has put pressure on logistics teams to increase driver and consignee safety. Traditional paper-based or signature on device options are not in line with the current social distancing guidelines, so Portech Systems has developed an app that is easy to install and operate.

Keep your delivery drivers and customers safe with the safePOD app

Portech Systems has launched a new Contactless POD (point of delivery) app that is designed to make delivery safer and compliance with the government’s social distancing guidelines easier.  Our safePOD app will help logistics firms/teams and fleet operators (especially those that are managing wholesaler to retailer delivery) to keep employees and customers safe while minimising business disruption through potential illness.  Time-consuming and awkward safety procedures eliminated.

Without a true contactless POD, companies are resorting to time-consuming and awkward safety procedures, such as:

  • Once the driver is acknowledged, the consignee should be asked whether they will sign for the item as per the normal delivery process or whether they would prefer not to sign.
  • In the event of a delivery without signature, the driver will enter the recipient’s name on the hand-held device
  • The customer may be okay to sign the device themselves, so the device would be left at a safe distance for signature before retrieval by the driver.

As enterprise mobile experts, our new safePOD app is optimised not only to ensure the safety of employees but to ensure a high level of efficiency.

How does the safePOD app work

  • Warehouse operatives extract an order and put it on the cloud
  • Driver and consignee log into the free* app
  • Recipient displays delivery information on his/her device
  • If the packages are in order, recipient signs on his or her own mobile device.

It’s that easy.

If amendment is required to the delivery information the driver and customer can make the adjustment in moments.  Supported by a desktop application, our app records information that is received by sender and recipient back offices via the cloud and can be synced to any supported Warehouse Management Solutions.

Making your switch to contactless proof of delivery even easier

Portech’s new Contactless POD app does not require any changes to existing IT infrastructure, the app is simply installed on both driver’s and recipient’s devices.  Not only is it no hassle to install, but our app is free for the first month, so you can get a running start without it costing you a penny.  The safePOD app makes a great entry point for businesses that are still paper-based, reducing administration tasks and paperwork and boosting employee productivity.

*The app is free for the first 30 days and is then available on a subscription basis.

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