Auditrail ‚Äď Mobile Audit & Compliance

Auditrail: wireless Auditing & Compliance Solution

Auditrail is a tailored paperless audit system which not only replacesoutdated paper based systems but also delivers added benefits to the business in the form of management reports, image capturing and trend analysis, making it the complete mobile auditing solution.

With the majority of checks and audits taking place away from the desk, paper based processes used to gather data and allocate jobs and actions to employees and third parties will invariably be inefficient and costly.

Auditrail is a tailored checking system which not only replaces outdated paper based systems but also delivers added benefits to the business in the form of management reports, image capturing and trend analysis.

Auditrail incorporates the following functionality:

  • Efficient auditing.
  • Instant communication of results and actions
  • 50% reduction in administration
  • Integrated Audit scheduler module linked to electronic diary
  • Embedded photography
  • Embedded sketching and diagrams
  • Cause analysis and preventative actions

In tests, Auditrail was found to improve the speed of response on reporting faults and monitoring facilities from days to less than five minutes. In today’s modern environment this speed of action not only leads to bottom line cost benefits but can also improve customer service and minimise business risks.

By capturing data at source, accuracy of data is also improved. This can be building checks, employee performance, environmental protection, supplier performance, safety monitoring, facilities management, employee performance and many other checks and monitors used in the modern business environment. Bar code scanners and other data capture devices help to improve data accuracy as well.

  • Critical information relating to previous checks and outstanding actions can be accessed and updated in the field by any authorised auditrail user.
  • Desk based staff and senior managers can run reports via web or intranet based access to the auditrail data store.

Audits and Inspections.

The Auditrail user carrying out checks and inspections benefits by cutting out all the time wasted using a paper based system. Because the user can access the data at any time there is no need to analyse and carry round previous paperwork.

Once the site visit is complete, the results and updates are sent back to the Auditrail datastore where they are processed immediately and communicated to whoever needs to know. The need to get back to a computer to type up the report and then manually communicate the results is eliminated.

As soon as the inspection is complete the Auditrail datastore starts work communicating actions, processing results, sending reports and scheduling the next inspection/audit. While this is happening, the user can move on to their next job.

  • Estimated 50% reduction in time per audit/inspection.
  • Ability to use in all weather conditions.
  • Instant notification of actions.
  • Pre inspection time virtually eliminated.
  • Post inspection work becomes adding value not administration
  • Existing actions can be updated by authorised users without the need for a mobile device.


One of the common features of an ineffective inspection audit system is the difficulty in tracking who agreed to do what and when. Auditrail introduces a failsafe method of allocating, tracking, closing and reporting actions.

Because there is a trail of who agreed to do what and when, and a facility for actionees to update their actions with comments, change dates, amend critical determinants and monitor trends, the business can be sure that the results identified in the audit are being followed up effectively.

Today’s mobile workforce also needs the ability to work in a flexible, and sometimes unplanned manner. For this reason, the Auditrail user can raise an action without carrying out a full inspection. This is particularly useful for users who are¬†travelling¬†through locations and notice areas in need of attention.

  • Closed loop of allocating, monitoring and closing actions.
  • Audit trail of who has been allocated actions.
  • Average 5 minutes from inspection completion to notification of action.
  • Adhoc actions can be raised by any authorised Auditrail user.
  • Risk management is improved with critical functions.
  • Suppliers and internal departments can be monitored effectively.