m-Service – Mobility in Field Service

m-Service: Mobile Workforce Solution

The m-Service mobility solution allows your field technicians to respond quickly to your customers needs and provide a service which is efficient and effective.   The field technicians are freed from filling reports or ordering parts back at the office and hence allows them to spend time with customers fixing problems and reducing the number of repeat calls.  m-Sales provides your technicians with access to a wealth of resources and information which aids in providing a top notch service.

Holding onto your customers is paramount and this can be guaranteed by providing 5 star service.  Retaining customers has it’s benefits such as building a strong reference base and hence contributing to a stronger bottom line.  m-Service is a mobility tool that can aid this process.


  • Create new Jobs in the field.
  • Variety of job and task specifications.
  • Synchronise data with the Server back at base.
  • Data on demand allowing minimal data to be held on the Mobile Computer.
  • Organised work plan.
  • Capture physical-to-digital customer signature on service order which can be viewed back at base.
  • Prompt cyclical calls to the user.
  • Determine future work plans.
  • Track Inventory/Parts used on the visit or stored in the Van.
  • Transaction logs.
  • Wireless printing of job sheets for customer.
  • Mapping and navigation module to determine directions to a customer visit.
  • Historical data.
  • Send Emergency jobs to field staff.
  • Management and Business intelligence reporting.


  • Reduce service response time.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Shorten the time of service support.
  • Reduce inventory on vans.
  • Optimise call planning.
  • Optimise routes.
  • Check customer and equipment history.
  • Issue immediate invoices and billing.
  • Reduce paper work.
  • Retain customers and build a good reference base