m-Stock – Wireless Inventory

m-Stock: Mobile Inventory management.

Portechs m-Stock application provides small or large businesses with a means to help manage two critical elements of the supply chain: stocktaking and warehousing. m-Stock provides swift and accurate stock details through mobile computers with integrated bar-code scanners.

m-Stock allows the business to track inventory efficiently and accurately eliminating stock tracking errors which improve customer service and reduce storage and write-off costs.

Capturing data electronically on a mobile device eliminates the need for manual processes and paperwork, and being able to seamlessly transmit the data back to the server removes unnecessary trips back and forward to the desk top pc.


  • Define multiple locations to break down a stock take into segments.
  • Barcode scan validation with the product database in connected and disconnected mode.
  • Import export wizard.
  • Warn location discrepancy of product.
  • ‘Scan and go’ rapid data collection.
  • Scan multiple barcode types.
  • Create/Print barcodes as when required.
  • Capture Goods IN/OUT.
  • Attach photos to stock item data.
  • Send picking lists to devices in the warehouse.
  • Edit and update product items from the mobile device.


  • Faster and more accurate than paper based system eliminating keying in errors.
  • Controlled stock take ensuring all locations are counted and not counted more than once.
  • Staff are deployed efficiently to maximise the speed of the count.
  • Eliminate costly year-end inventory write-offs.
  • Get real-time visibility of stock levels and locations.
  • Instantly update inventory records from anywhere in your network.
  • Ensure the right products are in stock to satisfy orders.