Health care

We help healthcare providers to quickly connect with colleagues, access patient data, and administer care from anywhere in the hospital or clinic.

Portech can build a healthcare mobility solution which provides:

  • healthcare workers the mobile workforce tools to deliver better patient care and achieve higher levels of productivity
  • barcode scanning for instant data capture
  • instant delivery of critical messages via mobile computers
  • data available anywhere so enabling healthcare workers to perform a wide range of tasks right at the point of care, for example:
    • patient verification by scanning a bar-code to determine the correct patient is receiving the correct medications
    • up-to-date critical treatment data at your fingertips while attending to a patient.

In this critical environment, information is gold and mobile solutions can deliver this information at the point of care.

Mobility solutions deployed in the healthcare sector can provide specific healthcare applications such as:

    • Medication administration
    • Positive patient identification
    • Medical rounds
    • Patient monitoring
    • Nursing orders
    • Patient tracking
    • Staff identification
    • Inventory and supplies
    • Medical tracking
    • Asset management
    • Prescriptions
    • Patient history.

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