PocketServ – Wireless Tableside Ordering

Wireless table side ordering application

PocketServ allows the waiter to take orders on a mobile computer and then transmit them to the kitchen or drinks area without leaving the restaurant floor.

PocketServ automates the ordering process thus reducing manual errors, eliminating time-consuming order duplication and in turn improving efficiency and productivity.

Deploying PocketServ helps to deliver a high level of customer service thus leading to increase in customer satisfaction.


  • Menu management. Update menus on all mobile computers at a touch of a button.
  • Disable and enable items on the menu.
  • Arranged menu items by category.
  • Send food orders directly to the kitchen and drinks orders directly to the drinks section with out leaving the customer table.
  • Tracking order status for each table.
  • Up-to-date stock information for the waiters. The kitchen can inform all waiters if an item of food is out of stock hence allowing the waiter to inform the customer immediately about menu items unavailable at point of order.
  • Print a receipt at the table or at the till via wireless connectivity.
  • Management reporting tools to aid decision making.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Place multiple distinct orders on the same table.
  • Till functionality.


  • Allows the waiter to spend more time on the restaurant floor.
  • Reduces order duplication.
  • Removes illegible food order stubs.
  • Reduction in time from order to delivery of food to the table.
  • Automated bill calculation and printing.
  • Removal of paper based order stubs in the kitchen.
  • Order entry accuracy is improved.
  • Revenue opportunities are increased.
  • The right order is delivered to the right guest at the
  • right time.
  • The right amount is charged to the right credit card.
  • The right information is always at the fingertips of managers, enabling the tight orchestration of operations required to deliver a consistent superior guest experience.