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Unitech EA300 Android Mobile Computer with keypad

The Unitech EA300 (Android 5.1) is a rugged 4” mobile enterprise computer combining wireless communication and performance to provide powerful data collection. The EA300 offers a host of data collection options to enhance the service level for a variety of vertical applications such as retail, inventory management, asset tracking, light warehousing.

The EA300 is designed with “intensive data entry a data collection” in mind. This device has a 4” TFT-LCD HD touch screen and features an integrated 17-key keypad (incl. alpha/numeric, scan keys and special characters) as well as dual scanning buttons (left and right side) for convenient barcode capturing.

In addition the EA300 offers an integrated 2D imager, GPS, 5.0 MP camera, HF/NFC RFID reader/writer to complete your data collection requirements. This device offers everything you’ll need.

Download Unitech-EA300-Datasheet Here