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Zebra XPAD L10 Rugged Tablet

While the Zebra XPAD L10 rugged tablet computer may be best recognized for its exclusive ergonomic hard handle, it is also known for its field-proven, industrial-grade durability‚ÄĒespecially among those in field service and industrial sectors. The Zebra XPAD L10 features a balanced design with a top hard handle that makes it easy to carry and use when walking and working. The optional barcode reader is built into the handle to expedite data input and verification tasks and a companion keyboard can easily be attached for more data-intensive tasks. The top hard handle also makes this tablet a great grab-and-go solution for heavy equipment operators or public safety professionals who need a secure vehicle-mounted solution for at least part of their day.

The exclusive ergonomics of the Zebra XPAD L10 hard-handle rugged tablet gives workers a more comfortable mobile computing experience during long shifts, making it the perfect technology tool they need to complete tasks faster than ever‚ÄĒeven when challenged by adverse working conditions common in construction, manufacturing, transportation and field service environments. The Zebra XPAD L10 is also the smart rugged choice for businesses requiring a powerful mobile computer that delivers long-term interoperability with both legacy and future IT systems. Users can be confident that the Zebra XPAD L10 will provide support for evolving business applications, such as those leveraged for Industry 4.0, IoT, automation and augmented reality.

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