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Zebra TC25 Rugged Smartphone

The TC25 is built for work. Rain, heat, sub-zero cold, drops and spills β€” the TC25 can handle it all. With the unique snap-on power pack, you never need to worry about running out of battery power. The real barcode scanner can instantly capture virtually any barcode in any condition β€” no aiming and no waiting.

Now your workers can scan parts to ensure the costs are captured for a repair or scan items in an order to verify delivery, allowing you to capture the information you need to protect profits and customer service quality β€” without adding time-consuming paper-and-pen processes. And with DataWedge, a free pre-loaded application, you can send those barcodes directly to the applications you are using today β€” no programming or app modification required.

β€’ β€˜Just right’ durable design β€” you can drop it on the floor and use it in the cold, heat, rain and snow β€” and it still works.
β€’ The right features β€” get the information you need faster than ever to slash the time it takes to perform all those everyday tasks.
β€’ The right service program for the right price β€” so you can easily keep your devices up, running and in your hands.
β€’ All day power, guaranteed β€” with the unique PowerPack snap-on extended battery.
β€’ The fastest cellular speeds β€” delivering fast application access and great voice quality.

Download Zebra-TC25-Datasheet Here