Q-Serv: Wireless Queue busting.

Q-Serv is a mobility solution with a primary aim to reduce the amount of time customers have to wait to receive service. Q-Serv automates the whole transaction processing operations of servicing queues by utilising a mobile computer. Q-Serv adds speed, security and professionalism to the whole queuing service.

Q-Serv can be deployed in various venues such as airports, coach stations, sports events, concerts and exhibitions.  Today purchasing a ticket at the venue is becoming a thing of the past. Delegates usually acquire their tickets on line and arrive at the venue already possessing a bar coded ticket, either printed or as an image on a mobile phone.  Using a wireless mobile device,  Q-Serv can scan and verify the validity of tickets anywhere in the venue.

Verification is usually carried out by checking the scan tickets with the details of the ticket database located remotely all this is done seamlessly and without delay allowing the rapid  service of waiting delegates.

In the retail environment Q-Serv can me tailored to perform all the actions of a static till or service counter. This can be scanning of items, collecting of money, accepting coupons and taking payments.  Adding a mobile printer would allow the printing of receipts.


  • Reduce waiting times for customers.
  • Improved service.
  • Mobile point of service and point of sale.
  • Deploy additional Queue Busting staff at peak times with ease.
  • Reduce the number of service counters required and increase sales floor space.
  • Validate tickets and items from any location inside the venue.

“We went to Portech with bespoke requirements for an access control system suited to a specific event. They have delivered exactly to requirement and on time which was impressive given the short turnaround time.”
Noel Edwards General Manager | CrowdSurge