QuestGEN – Electronic Form Generator

QuestGEN: Mobile Electronic Form Generator.

QuestGEN is a mobile software solution that allows users to createcustomised survey forms without programming experience to revolutionise the data gathering process. The created forms can be transmitted , viewed and processed on a mobile computer.  We have adopted a ‘what you see is what you get’ approach that allows users to create any type of form. Data collected can then be uploaded to a centralised database at head office remotely, thus saving hours or days of data entry back at the office.


  • Create complex and multiple forms via the PC software.
  • Test the generated forms for the mobile device on the PC before sending to the field.
  • Varying range of question types available such as selection, free text, yes and no, multiple selection etc.
  • Analysis reporting on the PC of acquired data from the field.
  • Printing completed forms sent back from the mobile device.
  • Multiple forms on a single mobile device.
  • Revised versions of forms are available immediately to the mobile staff.


  • Data turnaround time reduced considerably due to data being sent back almost immediately a form is completed.
  • Form generator gives the user the ability to create an electronic version of any paper based form.
  • Reduction on paper based operations such as printing, postage and faxing.
  • New forms are available immediately to field staff.
  • Answered forms are available for viewing as soon as they are completed and transmitted back to head office