Wireless Simple Asset Management

SAM-Simple Asset Management

Simple Asset Management (SAM) is a very easy to use solution thatmonitors the acquisition, movement and disposal of all assets, which means that you will always know what assets you have and where they are. The software has been developed in conjunction with a Junior School based on their needs and requirements, in order to deliver a simple and effective solution that will save them valuable time and money.

The purpose of having a Register is to facilitate the physical control and security of the assets, to provide information and values for insurance and accounting purposes, and to facilitate the provision of detailed statistical information (eg numbers, locations etc).


  • Very cost effective and easy to use.
  • Tamper-evident labels for identifying each asset and location.
  • Portable bar-code scanner for rapid asset data recording.
  • Bar-code label printer.


  • Very cost effective and easy to use.
  • Quickly retrieve detailed asset information.
  • identity exactly what assets you have and their location.
  • Save time and money collecting asset data.
  • Perform a complete asset check in a matter of minutes.
  • Maintain up-to-date asset information to ensure insurance coverage.
  • Track all obsolete and deleted items.
  • Save asset photographs linked to the asset data